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Tired of Bending down or kneeling to clean your tub?

Use the Amazing TUB SCRUB Bathroom Cleaning Brush

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A lot of what we offer we sell in multiples, "buy 2, buy 3 or buy 4, etc" we do this to offer you a better price.
 Also we find that it is less expensive to ship, per item.   Couriers weigh products and also measure them.

 If the measurement, based on the couriers weight formula, weighs more than the weight of the box then  that is the dimensional weight.  
Most of our products may weigh 2 lbs but the dimensional weight (size of the box) is 8 lbs.  

So we can ship 2 or 3 or 4 items for the same shipping cost.    

Helping to keep the price down.

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Cleaning your bathtub or shower can be this easy, just watch our video

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Use TUB SCRUB to clean

Hot Tubs,
Tub Surrounds,
water line of pools and more

Buy yourself  TUB SCRUB  and cleaning is

  • easier,
  • eliminates the bending, kneeling or straining your back. 
  • faster, clean in a couple minutes
  • safer, you stand outside to clean
  • easily reach everywhere with the 

         34-60 inch adjustable handle



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