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  • Lucky Cell Phone Holder
  • Adjustable handle 34-60 inch for brooms, brushes, painters or squeegee

Cell Phone stand for holding a cell phone upright for viewing or charging. unique products for retailers to re sell google business listing

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Lucky Cell Phone Holder just clamp on the cell and Lucky Holder can clamp onto bike, stroller, shipping cart, loop in your finger or just hold your phone upright unique products for retailers to re sell

    Cell phone Holder

    Easily view your phone at the office, home kitchen, garage, anywhere

34-60 inch adjustable locking multi purpose handle;



paint handle


  • Buy TUB SCRUB The Best Brush for cleaning bathtubs or Showers
  • -various packages

-eliminates the bending, kneeling or straining your back.

-faster, clean the tub in a couple minutes
-safer, you stand outside to clean the tub or shower
-easily reach everywhere with the 34-60 inch adjustable handle top to bottom, side to side and around faucet

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