Tub Scrub Bathtub cleaning brush

Buy a 2 brush pack or a 2 brush pack with 2 extra scrub heads and make your cleaning easier

2 Brush Pack with 2 extra scrub tops -TST combo In this package you get 2 brushes with 34-60 inch adjustable handle 2 scrub tops and another 2 scrub tops for years of easy cleaning. Sells for $45.99, now just $35.99USD or $39.99CAD
2 Brush Pack Reg $39.99 now just $32.99USD or $35. 99 CAD We sell 2 brushes because most homes have 2 bathrooms and each brushes has a 34-60 inch adjustable handle.

Now this is how a bathtub or should be cleaned, standing outside not bending over or kneeling down


Reach to the top of the walls, side to side quickly and easily

Replacement pack of 2 scrub tops which just thread onto a handle.

Just $17.98 for the 2

You can buy using either of 2 currencies, USD or CAD, we ship throughout the United States and Canada. The purchasers address and country currency must match.   USD ships in the US and CAD ships in Canada