We started out in the 1990's when we adapted a bathtub cleaning brush into a new product called Tub Scrub.    There was nothing like it on the market and still isn't.     

Tub Scrub is a long handle brush for cleaning bathtubs, tiles and showers without the bending, kneeling or straining your back.      A simple product that was never created.     Every house, condo, apartment has a bathtub and no easy way to clean it.     There was a hundred different mops, brooms, etc but nothing to clean a bathtub.

Today Tub Scrub is the best scrub brush for bathtubs, showers on the market.    The largest scrubbing surface with the longest handle so you can reach everywhere you need to.

What kind of cleaning solution is best?    I am partial to liquid but that is my preference.   Powders and cream cleansers work well too.   As long as they clean.    The worst p[art of using cleaning solutions is the smell.   Usually your face is right near there, especially when scrubbing a tub you are only a couple feet away, breathing it all in.   

That's why using Tub Scrub you are about 4-5 feet away from the action.

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