Lucky Cell Phone Holder 12 per box

Grips phone in large circle then attach smaller to your finger, bicycle, shopping cart, stroller, etc.   Keeps phone handy and upright to view.    Put on table for easy viewing.   Cell phone not included.

Box of 12 Tub Scrubs

Complete with Scrub Tops and 34-60 inch handle just $7.50 each, MSRP $18.99

Our products are shipped to your business or drop shipped to your customer

34-60 inch Adjustable Handle.  

Sold 12 per box/bundle

White/black shiny handle with US thread, hanging cap and twist lock/unlock.

Use as painters handle, broom, squeegee, brush or mop handle.

15/16 inch diameter heavy duty

Box of 12 scrub Tops Only, Replacements without Handles, Just $5.25 each, MSRP $10.99

Cell Phone Holder

Sold 12 per box

Keeps cell phones (not included) upright for easy viewing, finding, charging, texting and answering the phone

colors in box of 12

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Ship 12 Tub Scrub brushes direct to your store

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12 Replacement Tops for Tub Scrubs
sold in box of 12

Suggested Retail is $15.99 each.    Retail packaging is included

If you are looking for a good selling product with repeat sales, then look at Tub Scrub.    Over 25 years of selling to consumers in Canada where we make it.

Longest handle Bathtub Cleaning Brush with the Largest Scrub top on the market.

We have successfully been selling Tub Scrub in

1-Bath & Bed stores

2-Hardware stores

3-Plumbing stores

4-Mass merchandise stores

5-Healthcare, DME stores



Tub Scrub is the best scrubbing brush for a tub, shower with a 34-60 inch adjustable handle with a 6 inch wide scrub top.    With the long handle the scrub top can reach everywhere that's needed without bending or kneeling.   All the cleaning is done while standing outside the tub or shower.  

Great for seniors or those who cannot bend, kneel or reach