2 Brush w/ 2 Extra Scrub Tops, 2 adjustable handles and 4 scrub tops, plus Tub Scrub makes a great gift

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Hot Tubs

Ring around pools
Use any cleaning solution with Tub Scrub

$24.99                                  $28.99

Group Pack, 7 Tub Scrub, ships to one location, shipping is FREE.  Great for family or friends, everyone has a tub so buy and save.

TUB SCRUB Bathroom Cleaning Brush the only way to clean your bath or shower

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2 Brush pack, includes 2 adjustable handles with scrub tops, one for each bath, plus Tub Scrub makes a great gift

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Clean your bathtub or shower while standing outside it.         No Bending or KneelingTUB SCCCleaning Brush

Replacement scrub tops 3 pack
Just thread them on like a light bulb